Policy for Quality


We consistently provide springs and services that comply with the quality standard required by customers.
We all strive to keep improving quality by returning to production site, current situation and actual product.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems, and all of our plants from our head office to our overseas group companies are certified with this.
We have established a system with annual audits to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Verification of Basic Properties

We measure required properties of spring accurately and efficiently.

Measurement of Spring Properties
Measurement of Spring Geometry
Image Measurement System
Coil Flexibility Testing

Reliability Testing

We test reliability of springs.

Life Cycle Testing
Deterioration Testing in High Temperature
Fracture Observation by SEM

Material Verification

We check the conditions of spring wire.

Torsion Strength Testing
Tensile Strength Testing
Hardness Testing
Observation of Metal Composition

Cleaning Process

Springs with strict requirements for being clean, such as automotive springs, are washed by automatic washing machine in the clean booth.

Clean Booth
Automatic Washing Machine