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Life is not enjoyable if workplace is not so.

Mikuro Spring was founded on 1954, starting with manufacturing of springs for cameras. As the society grew, we expanded our markets, and now, our springs are successfully used in a variety of applications worldwide, such as electrical devices, automotive parts, medical devices, etc. We have overseas locations in Shanghai, Dalian and Malaysia, with 600 employees as a group.

Added value is not created by doing the same things as other. We have been specializing in making high quality precision springs that no others can make, and have brushed up on our skills and technologies. We have the top share in this spring, domestically and internationally.

In the future, our business fields will probably shift from “something convenient” to “something necessary”. In medical field, especially, fine springs are expected to play an important role. We always give weight to originality even more than efficiency, hence we self-develop production equipment. We will continue to produce our original products that on others can copy. Life isn’t enjoyable when workplace isn’t enjoyable. I’d like our employees to think that way. No need to distinguish employees from employers, as we are all colleagues who strive together. We are a worldwide team and a family, members of which flourish at each location in the world.

Takuya Kojima, President, Mikuro Spring Co., Ltd.

Our mascot is bulldog. It’s stumpy legged and has a bad figure, but stands firmly on the ground with four limbs and never lets go of whatever it’s once bit into. Unlike a smart Doberman, it’s clumsy but gets back up after failures. Such a bulldog matches our culture of accomplishing something no one has ever done before.

Wording “Spring with dreams” is printed under the logo. That you are happy working, or not, depends on whether or not you have a dream for your future. The bulldog represents our dreams which we all share.

Company Overview

Trade NameMikuro Spring Co., Ltd.
RepresentativePresident Takuya Kojima
Address22-6 Kowata-Minami, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL. 0266-52-3550 / FAX. 0266-58-2317
EstablishedJune 1, 1954
Capital50,000,000 JPY
Business ItemsPrecision Fine Spring

Company History

1954.6.1Commenced business in Suwa, Nagano as Mikuro Spring Works
Founding president Kazo Kojima
1957.7Reorganized as Mikuro Spring Co., Ltd.
1969.2Relocated to the present site
1974.1First reconstruction – addition of 2nd floor to factory
1978.7Kazo Kojima steps down, Masanari Kojima becomes president.
1985.3Insert molding factory newly constructed in Fujimi, Nagano
1990.10Second reconstruction – 3-story factory and office newly constructed
1991.1Capital increased to 50 million yen
1997.5Nobuo Kojima becomes president.
1998.9Furukawa Centre newly constructed in Osaki, Miyagi
2001.6Third reconstruction – expansion of factory, office and canteen
2007.10Fourth reconstruction – reconstruction of PC Centre, R&D room and office.
2011.9Takuya Kojima becomes president.

Production Sites

Mikuro Spring’s Global Network

Mikuro Spring Head Quarter

22-6 Kowata-Minami, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
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EstablishedJune 1954
ProductsFine Spring, Precision Spring
(Development and Production of Spring Production Systems)
CertificationISO9001:2015(Certified in February 1999)
ISO14001:2015(Certified in May 2005)
Fujimi Factory

4410-5 Ochiai-Eboshi, Fujimi Town, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0266-65-3238
FAX 0266-65-3250

Technology Centre

258-1 Chino, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0266-82-7010

Logistics Centre

1-2548-2 Jyounan, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0266-52-3550
FAX 0266-58-2277

Furukawa Centre

6-2-35 Furukawanakazato, Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL 0229-91-8396
FAX 0229-91-8398

Jiaxing Factory

AddressNo.1 Plant, Chenggong Road#138, Huimin Street,Jiashan, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
EstablishedFeb. 2020
ProductsPrecision Spring (Automotive Parts , Electrical Parts)
CertificationISO14001:2015(Permitted in July 2020)
IATF16949:2016 (Permitted in Jan.2021)

Dalian Factory

AddressNo. 2-1, Youquan Road, Zhanqian Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian, P.R China 116600
EstablishedJanuary 2001
ProductsPrecision Spring (Automotive Parts, Mechanical Parts, Electrical Parts
CertificationISO14001:2015(Certified in July 2005)
IATF16949:2016(Certified in April 2009)

Malaysia Factory

AddressNo 5, Jalan Perusahaan 3,Taman Industrial Selesa Jaya, Off Balakong,43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.Malaysia
EstablishedApril 1990
ProductsPrecision Spring
(Electrical Parts, Mechanical Parts)
CertificationISO9001:2015(Certified in March 1999)
ISO14001:2015(Certified in April 2008)